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" With My Life "
2017 CiNE65 Competition
- Best Art Direction
- Favourite Actor Award ( Douglas Lam ) 
" The Time Washer "
2016 The Maker Series Pilot Season hosted by MDA/Maker Studios(Disney)
- Champion
( Granted to make a funded series by MDA )
" The Fragments "
2015 Cathay Motion Picture Awards
- 2nd runner up
( Awarded $8000 Cash prize)
" The Rule Breakers
(Class Fight) "
2014 TBS Digicon 6 Asia
-Singapore Outstanding Creativity Award
"The Cabbage "
  -Audience Choice Award
- Best Actor Award (Jaze Phua)
 " First Drop "
First Film Fest 
  - First Runner-Up
2012 TBS Digicon 6 
  - 1st Prize
Crowbar Award 
  - Gold


Youth.sg -
Blazing into Jaze Phua's world of film

"This young filmmaker will stop at nothing until he achieves his dreams."

“He once ate bread and instant noodles for three weeks while working on numerous photography and graphic design jobs – just to make enough money to fund his films. ”

"Yishun" Unofficial trailer 

“ If Yishun Were A Movie " Since it was first uploaded on 26 April, the video has already garnered over 10,000 shares and almost 1,500 comments.


JUO Productions has been announced as the winner of the pilot season

“JUO Productions’ pilot episode of The Time Washer showed strong production values and some endearing performances,” said Luke Hyams, the chief content officer and head of creative at Maker Studios International


Viddsee.com -
Kickass Schoolboy Action-flick Viddsee Shortee 

"This is the short film you loved last month, the most-watched film in December.


Our Viddsee Shortee for January is ‘The Rule Breakers’, the first of a two-part action flick about testosterone-charged schoolboys at Crimson High.


Jaze , Eden and James are regular schoolboys. Unruly, red-blooded schoolboys trying to out-macho each other with perfectly choreographed fight scenes. "

"The Rule Breakers’ won Outstanding Creativity Award at the TBS DigiCon6 Singapore. It was made by Jaze Phua, Eden Ang, James Fong and Jerry Lim, with choreography by Jaze Phua and Eden Ang  "


Stomp.com.sg -
Local youth makes Iron Man Figurine entirely out of soda cans

“The STOMPer felt that the youth's effort was creative and commendable, as it encouraged the act of recycling in a unique way."I think he deserves an eco-friendly award for his creation, and people should learn about recycling from him," added Min.”


"Audience Award - "The Cabbage" by Write Shoot Repeat.
The team who acted and did pretty much everything themselves." 


New Action/Comedy short film series The Rule Breakers makes its debut!
"Our belief is to do "Action and not Violence", fusing action with creativity and fresh idea which is suitable for all ages and entertains all.
This piece is caked with action and humor and is topped off with an icing of nostalgia. "



10 Dec 2013


"A young artist and filmmaker from Singapore has spent 2 months of his spare time, and used 60 empty soda cans to design and build an Iron man figurine. The very talented Jaze Phua is 22 years old, and as well as being an artist and filmmaker, also boasts song writing, photography and web design as skills he possesses among the many services he offers on his website www.JazePhuaductions.com.
After watching the première of the first Iron Man movie, he has dreamt of owning a figurine of his own ever since. It was while drinking a can of soda one day that the thought came to him,
“what if I build an Iron Man from a soda can?”.
He started off by building the helmet, and realised that aluminium cans were a great medium to use, so decided to continue and build the entire figure.
What came next is one of the coolest Iron Man projects I have ever seen, with LED lights added to the eyes, and a light added to the base of a soda can to represent the all-familiar arc reactor on the figures chest. The figure has a magnetic openable helmet, moveable joints, and is finished off with LED lights in the palms of the hands. Clever little hidden compartments are situated on the front and back of the figure to house the battery packs.
Finally, what superhero figurine is complete without a turntable base to showcase on! Jaze used a dismantled box-fan, spray painted, to create the rotating platform.
When you see the video, you will be amazed by what can be achieved, just by using recycled soda cans, a box fan, double-sided sticky tape, super glue, a pair of scissors, a bit of paint, some LED lights and a few batteries! Not to mention the environmental benefits of using recycled materials.
This guy is truly talented as you will see from the video, with a fantastic stop animation at the beginning to whet your appetite."
Local youth makes life-sized Iron Man statue entirely out of soda!

15 Nov 2013


STOMPer Min came across a video of a Singaporean youth who made a life-sized Iron Man statue using just soda cans.


The STOMPer felt that the youth's effort was creative and commendable, as it encouraged the act of recycling in a unique way."I think he deserves an eco-friendly award for his creation, and people should learn about recycling from him," added Min.


The video was posted by YouTube user Jaze Phua, and showed how he came up with the Iron Man statue using used soda cans.

First Runner Up for First Film Fest 2012

5 April 2012


"They came, they saw and they were wowed.
Judges for The New Paper's FiRST Film Fest (FFF) 2012 were so impressed by some of the entries that they were already considering the possibility of adapting them into commercially-viable works." 



20 Feb 2012



Talented duo from poly creates touching music video -- for less than $100

26 Nov 2011

Watch this video on your TV or online, and you probably wouldn't have guessed that it was created by two 19-year-old amateur videographers. Even more impressive, it was shot on a shoestring budget -- less than $100 in all.

The touching video, which tells the story of ill-fated love, was created by final year polytechnic students Jaze Phua and Jerry Lim.

Jaze wrote on his handiwork:

"We created this music video for local indie singer Jerome Won's (阮忠威) hit song 暖暖手 for free, mainly for the exposure and experience.

"Together we spent less than $100 for the equipment rental. That's what it cost to produce a simple MV."

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